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Deja Vous!

This was going to be my second trip to Kingston.  This time to attend what we call "Family Christmas" at my cousin's house.  Basically it is an annual Family reunion that is held the weekend after Labor Day every year.  The last time I took this trip there was bad weather and no wind.  This time, guess what?  Same thing!  Only this time I had company.  My Brother in law was going to Enjoy this non-sailing trip with me.     We planned to leave Friday Morning so we spent Thursday night on the boat. The weather was particularly nasty that night, with lots of rain and thunder and Lightning, and was only moderately better in the morning.  There was the Fog again!  We had to wait until close to 11 am for it to clear enough to leave.  And is was raining!  Well this is Washington after all.  This even caused my Sister Sharon, who is married to my BIL Lynn who was accompanying me on this trip, to put a fairly sarcastic comment on facebook saying we were crazy and that people sho