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The Haul out - Part 2

OK, so the boat is out of the water, and time is ticking down.  I have to finish everything I want to do in the smallest amount of time possible...Time on the Hard is money!  Fortunately, I had only a few things that I needed to do.  The rest would be done by the boatyard.    I came back on Friday, and spent most of the day cleaning the bilge.  I wanted to put a coat or two of BilgeCoat in there, but it had to be cleaned first!  As it turned out, Friday was a Gorgeous day... unlike Thursday with the high winds and rolly seas... here is a panoramic pic from the deck of my boat...  It is also odd to look forward on your boat and see it almost overhanging a road....  they Started the buffing job, I gotta say I was pretty impressed with the work that they were doing.  I stopped to take the following Pic, as it shows the before and after pretty well!  Then I started work on Painting the Bilge on Saturday.  I got the whole thing painted, but that was all I had time for, as I

The Haul-Out.... Part 1

The time had come.... I am guessing it is one of the most anxious moments for Boat Owners.... we have to have it hauled out of it's natural environment and have it propped upright on dry land.    This would be my first time hauling out my boat.  I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect during the Haul out, nor what problems the haul out might reveal... a Separated Keel, resulting in the infamous "Catalina Smile"? A worn out Cutless bearing? a corroded Prop and/or prop shaft? Deteriorated Thru Hulls?   as it turned out, all of that was going to be the LEAST of my problems that day.   I decided to have the work done at CSR Marine at the City of Des Moines Marina .  This was Primarily to a good deal I found out at the Seattle Boat Show .  If I had them do the bottom paint on my boat, then they would give me a Round Trip Haul out for free (about $250 value).  Plus they had some pretty good recommendations by some of my fellow boaters here.   We