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Getting Aquainted Part 2

 Foulie Bibs.... Score!  So the second day started with an inventory of everything that came with the boat... and there was quite a bit of it!  (as usual, click on any picture to see a bigger version of it...)     the first thing I found were a pair of Foulie bibs, so I just had to try them on, and lo and behold, they fit!  Sweet!  Vacuum and Stuff...  Random orbit Sander  Next was a couple of items that were stored in the Sea Berth (the berth on the starboard, basically under the cockpit. in one box was a small vacuum cleaner and some odds and ends of hoses and the like.  In the other container was a random orbit sander, which will really come in handy, as I forsee a coat of bottom paint and some work on the deck fixing some small areas that have delaminated, in my near future.  Next I looked around the Galley, some coffee cups, various cleaning products, dish soap, chrome cleaner and the like.  The top drawer was filled with 3 -4 place settin

Getting Aquainted, Part1

So I have a new (to me) Boat!  I bought it on Friday afternoon, so it is only fitting that ignore everything else going on in my life right now, and spend this first weekend getting to know her.  I would have gone down Friday night, but it was cold, rainy and miserable, and by the time I closed the sale, and got home it was already 6 pm.  So better to get some rest and be ready to spend the next two days on her. Ready to roll to the boat with my necessary consumables, and stuff. And of course, this requires caffiene as well! I had to go to the Gym and work out first.  this way I feel less guilty consuming what I knew would be consumed later on.  I got Back from the Gym, got a quick shower, dressed in layers, (because it is supposed to be cold, rainy and Windy... gotta love Washington Weather), a made a quick stop at Safeway to stock up on some necessary consumables, and it was on my way to Gig Harbor.  This is Becky, looking a bit Blue... Literally!  Dave

The Trigger has been Pulled...

No... the title has NOTHING to do with guns... It is just an expression meaning I have Decided... To Go for it! So two months ago, when I first saw this boat... wait a minute... it has only been two WEEKS? seems like so much longer. Well there has been a lot of tossing and turning along the way, and a lot of do i? or Don't I? This is all SO new... I have been reading all I can on boats and their maintenance, researching comparable boats on the internet, how to inspect and what to look for on older boats, trying to decide if this was as good a deal as I was thinking it was. Trying to stay neutral is really hard, but I have read too many things about the hazards of letting your emotions take control when buying a boat... So after all of the poking, prodding, testing, digging, tugging, tapping, deploying, furling, flaking, questioning, emailing, phone calls, texting, examining, reexamining, scouring over Marine surveys, soul searching and so on for every day of the past 2

The Trial of the Catalina 30

Well, the Sea Trial, that is! So after being postponed several times, we finally got all the parties together, and took her out for a run. I was a bit worried the weather would be too bad to really run her through her paces. as it turned out, the weather was perfect! Well not the temperature or the cloudy skies, but at least it wasn't raining, and we had a bit of wind as well. I met the current owner, Dan, who is a really great guy, and was more than willing to answer all of my questions, and show me all of the features of the boat. I was wrong about the engine before... it isn't a 25 HP, it is a 27 HP, 3 cylinder, freshwater cooled, Yanmar engine. I found out that the previous owners (before Dan) had completely overhauled the entire boat around 1990. Dan made a few changes himself over the 9 years that he has owned it. A nice Flaked Main Sail, Heading out into Puget Sound The sails went up  and filled out nicely! We started up the engine and got underway. The engin