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Dulcinea's Wild Ride

PROLOGUE:  This was the last part of my trip to the San Juan Islands in August 2015... yeah I know... almost a year later, but it is still good! This was supposed to be the most laid back part of my Vacation... but it turns out that Mother Nature had different plans for me.  It started out just fine.  I was back at Echo Bay at Sucia, one of my favorite places.  I arrived on Wednesday and Kayaked to Ewing cove and back. it is pretty picturesque from the water. Scenic Sandstone... The same from shore... kinda looks like a wave Me... hanging ten in the sandstone wave! I went for a bit of a climb... Ewing Cove.... wish I coulda gotten a mooring ball there.... Blue Heron perched on the cliff... As I was coming back from the cove, I took a detour to gawk a little at this guy..... this is the M/V Excellence.  I couldn't find out much about it other than it is privately owned out of Seattle.  It is about 130 feet long... She had 2 massive an