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Looking for Mr. BadLeak

So Now I am ready to Reinstall the counters, but I don't want them to be destroyed again, so now I have to figure just what is leaking that is allowing all that water to come in under the aft bulkhead, and then under the counter tops.   Sounds easy enough, but, as I soon found out, nothing is quite that easy on a boat. The port Lazarette... Very deep... I can stand in it... First of all, to get to where the water was coming in, I was going to have to get in the Port Side Lazarette.  I mean, ALL the way in.  It is a good thing I don't have claustrophobia.... So that meant everything in there was going to have to come out.  At some point during this unloading process, as I am removing Item after item, it felt a bit like all of those clowns coming out of the tiny car.... or like Hermione's purse with the extension charm in Book 7 of  the Harry Potter books... I didn't know so much stuff was in there.... Finally it is cleared and I clamor in.  then I have to