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Jewel to Jewel - Sucia Island

Wow... it has been awhile... at this rate I won't finish talking about this trip before the next trip this summer!  I will try to fix that.... Anyway, My sister and I had spent 2 days at One jewel of the San Juans, Stuart Island , and now it was time to travel to another Jewel, Sucia Island! Now, Sucia is an Island that I have been to before , and it is one of my favorites!  There are about six different anchorages around the island, so it is possible you could stay there a week, and never stay in the same anchorage, if you were so inclined. After a lazy morning of coffee in the cockpit and breakfast of Cinnamon Raisin Bagels , I hauled up the anchor with my sister at the helm, and we started to motor out of Reid Harbor at around 11:30.   On the way out, I learned an important lesson.  I suddenly remembered that I never plotted a course in the chart plotter.  Damn!  so I had to do one on the fly.  Now I don't multi-task well, so it was hard to plot the course, and g