About Me

As the title of the blog eludes to, I am a server geek by day, and a Sailor after that.  I work as a systems analyst for Madigan Army Medical center, where I manage clinical information systems, keep them up and running and fed with patches and upgrades, to keep all (well Most) of the Doctors happy and able to do their jobs.

 I do have many interests, and talents from wood working, to house renovation to riding my motorcycle, and of course, SAILING!  I also act and sing, having done 25 productions so far at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse, here in Tacoma, WA

... of course mostly in the off-sailing season.

I am single, and still looking for that ideal soul mate who would like to (literally) sail off into the sunset with me.  I am sure she is out there somewhere!


    I Started this new adventure with this Catalina 30 Sailboat in April of 2013, and have been stumbling my way forward ever since.... I have learned a LOT.


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