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Refurbishing the Galley, Part 3 - putting it all back together

So, now that I took it all apart and "purtied it up a bit " it was time to try to put it all back together.  The first thing to do was to re-install the Fiddle rails.  To start this process, I first used a 3/8 inch Forstner bit (a drill bit that drills flat-bottomed holes) to clean up the holes for the screws and plugs and get the last remnants of the old plug out.  This is a Forstner bit... 3/8 inch in size   Cleaning up the hole with a 3/8 inch Forstner Bit Drilling a Pilot hole for the screw time to put in the screw!   Then I need a new plug to cover up the screw head.  This is just a short dowel, 3/8 inch in diameter, made out of Teak (of course!).  you can buy them on-line, but since I had the means, I decided to make them myself.  I bought a short length of teak at McClendon's (a local hardware store... love that place!) as well as a plug cutter.  Both things together were less than 8 dollars, and I will be able to make a MESS of plu