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Here comes the BOOM (Vang)!

To take full advantage of the wind on a sailboat, you must adjust your sails.  I am finding out that getting just the right sail shape is kind of an art form.  You have many things to use to adjust the sail - The Halyard (puts the sail up and down), The Cunningham (pulls the front of the boom down and puts tension on the front part of the sail, known as the Luff), the Outhaul (pulls the sail towards the end of the boom, and puts tension on the bottom of the sail, known as the foot), the Main sheet (controls the angle of the main sail to the wind, the traveler (provides more control on the angle of the sail to the wind), and the boom vang (controls the tension on the trailing edge of the sail, known as the leech) I did not have a boom vang, so my sail shapes were not what then needed to be. I did have a topping lift, but in my book it was pretty useless when you had strong winds, because although it could lift the boom up, it could not pull it down.  Fortunately, Garhauer Marine had

A POWER-ful Adventure - the Electrical refit Part 2

This is likely to be a pretty long post, but it was a LOT of work as well.  so bear with me.... To start putting it all back together, I was going to need to run the wires from where they were, to their new location in the Navigation Station. In some cases I just ran new wire from the appliance or device, and in other cases I just spliced into the existing wiring to make it longer so it would reach (I was NOT going to run new wire up the mast! LOL... )  In all cases it required using MARINE GRADE connectors.  Why did I capitalize that, well, because it is important!  Marine grade connectors won't corrode and will, preferably, have Heat Shrink on them to completely seal the wire.  It is also important that you use MARINE GRADE wire, which is multi strand copper wire that has been tinned to repel corrosion.  Corrosion is the ENEMY of electricity, and will not only keep current flowing, which will increase your battery usage, but will also cause the wires to HEAT UP, causing a boa