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Refurbishing the Galley - Part 2 - Disassembly, prepping and refinishing

Now that the galley Nice and cozy in my Garage, it was time to get down and dirty on it.... that is to continue the demolition... or Dis-assembly in this case.  The first thing that I had to do was to remove the Fiddle rails.  They were held in place using Stainless Steel Screws, covered by Teak Plugs.  Based upon some reading I had done in several different places, the best way to remove the plugs to get to the screws was as follows: A Teak Plug, waiting to be removed to get to the screw underneath The first thing to do is to drill a hole in the center of the plug, until you  ground out against the screw that is underneath Drill a hole Then insert a screw, slightly larger than the diameter of the hole you drilled.  and start screwing it in. Insert a screw The screw will ground out against the screw below and will lift out the plug.... well in theory anyway.  My own experience was that it gave you a good starting point, as the top part of the plug came out in p