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A "Sharp" solution!

  So, my friends, this post is centered around the problem I have with this drawer, located in the Galley.  You see, I only have 2 drawers in the entire galley. Well.... that is because some of the drawers were removed so a refrigerator could be installed, but still, only TWO drawers.  This top drawer is my silverware/knives/wine and bottle openers/other kitchen gadgets drawer.  It is the second entry on this list that was my greatest concern.  I was worried that one day I would reach into that drawer to get something, and come out with a gash on my hand.     that is because the inside of that drawer looked like this:     yeah... what a mess.  the second issue is, of course it made it hard to find anything.   Enter Bodum.   What is that you ask? The hero of my Galley , of course!  Well, OK, if that is too vague, how about a picture?   Yup!  It is a knife rack!  I was first introduced to this little beauty by my good friends, Mike and Melissa on S/V Galap

More Storage!!!

There are many things I love about my Catalina 30, S/V Dulcinea.  She sails well, points well, is very roomy and has lots of headroom for example.  One thing I wished there was more of was STORAGE!  I mean, you can't have too much storage, right?  After being on many sailboats, one thing that I noticed on most of them was that THEY had storage behind the settee backs.  Mine did not.  Perhaps hey didn't think of that back in 1976.  here is a picture I took when I had the Galley and seat cushions removed.  the areas highlighted in red are prime for new found storage! Now it is always Nerve wracking to cut a big hole in your boat, no matter where it is, but I needed to cut an exploratory hole just to make sure that my suspicions were right, so I took a deep breath, and cut this one... Yup!  looks like I was right that there was no reason I couldn't create these storage spaces!  so, I manned my Dremel Multi-Max and cut the holes to full size.  How did