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Major Project 1 - Refurbish the Galley - Part 1 Removal

The weather here in Washington State has turned Cold and wet... not the optimal conditions for sailing, So I decided I would do some many needed projects on the Boat. The first one I wanted to do was to redo the countertops and refinish the fiddle rails and cabinet.  If you don't know what a fiddle-Rail is, It is that wood on the edge of the counter top that keeps things from sliding off in the when the boat rocks.  I hate, hate, HATE that faux wood Formica counter top that came with this boat 36 years ago... I guess it was in fashion then, but it looks awful now.  I scored some basic White Formica at Lowe's at half price because it had a hole in it, but I could work around that... I have seen other Catalinas with white counter tops and it really brightens up the cabin, and makes the Teak rails and cabinet stand out. So I got by Bro to come down and give me a hand to yank this all out.  Plus he owns a truck and he would help me get this all home...  It was going to be