A "Sharp" solution!

So, my friends, this post is centered around the problem I have with this drawer, located in the Galley.  You see, I only have 2 drawers in the entire galley. Well.... that is because some of the drawers were removed so a refrigerator could be installed, but still, only TWO drawers.  This top drawer is my silverware/knives/wine and bottle openers/other kitchen gadgets drawer.  It is the second entry on this list that was my greatest concern.  I was worried that one day I would reach into that drawer to get something, and come out with a gash on my hand.
that is because the inside of that drawer looked like this:
yeah... what a mess.  the second issue is, of course it made it hard to find anything.
Enter Bodum.
What is that you ask? The hero of my Galley , of course!  Well, OK, if that is too vague, how about a picture?
Yup!  It is a knife rack!  I was first introduced to this little beauty by my good friends, Mike and Melissa on S/V Galapagos.  It looked like just the thing to cure my Cutlery woes!  So, out to Amazon I go on my computer, and picked this beauty up for less than $20! I really like it because there is no metal anywhere, so it will never rust, and it looks like it will last a good long time!  So, I drilled 2 more holes in my boat, well not all the way through, for the screws that would hold this in place, although Melissa didn't use any screws!  she used the supplied double sided tape.  I didn't, and why will be readily apparent in a moment.  Here in my installation...

So, guess where I installed this?  You see, I like to think outside the box.  I was going to do the normal install on the aft bulkhead, which would be the logical and normal thing to do, but then I spied a better place!  Unused real estate, so to speak! And Now you will see why I thought it necessary to use screws to hold this in place!

Yup, again!  I installed it right on the overhead!  As I am not a very tall person at 5' 7", I don't come anywhere CLOSE to hitting my head on this, and it is right where I need it in the galley.  And before you ask, there is NO chance that they will slide out while I am sailing, as all of these knives are snugly held in place with these bristles in the slot.  An added bonus to these bristles is that it holds the covers for the blue and yellow knives when I pull them out and put them back!

 Here is another view of the rack, looking aft.  Never mind the big, giant, gaping hole in the aft bulkhead.... That is a Subject for another post!

And now, I can actually FIND things in my silverware/wine and bottle opener/other kitchen gadgets drawer, without worrying about getting gashed in the process!

Doesn't this look more gooder than before?

Ahhhhh, Now on to the other galley Project that you will read about soon right here!  A hint... it has to do with that big hole in the picture above!

Till next time!


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