What the Hell am I Thinking?

OK... so I know that these are uncertain financial times, I know that with the advent of the Sequestering caused by a dysfunctional congress it is likely that I, being a government civilian employee, I will more than likely be furloughed one day a week, reducing my disposable income by 20%, and so on.  So, how, with all of that going on, can I even be THINKING of buying a Sailboat?   My Uncle used to say that a boat is a hole in the water you throw your money into...  It isn't LOGICAL or PRACTICAL, but yet, I am pretty sure I am going to do it...  Is that what being a sailor is all about?

I am a bit new to this.  The only boat I ever owned thus far was a 14 foot Hobie Cat.... on a trailer... that I kept in my driveway.  This whole thing about Marina's, slips, engines, winches, hauling out, bottom coating, heads, galleys, berths, dinghys, radios, radar,mooring balls, and so on and so on is totally new to me...  I mean, some days I feel a bit overwhelmed.  Oh, and now I have started a Blog?  What the heck is wrong with me?

I think I am going crazy!

I am blaming all of this on my new good friends Mike and Melissa of s/v Moonrise... I started reading their blog, and then, stepped foot on my first honest to goodness mono-hull sailboat when they invited me to go along for a short sail aboard Moonrise...
Me, Driving s/v Moonrise as we are motoring back to the Marina.  Mike and I are trying to make sense of some of the names on the ships anchored in the sound.  Some of them are wierd, or oxymorons...
You know... it is like the Car Salesman who has you take the car you are almost wanting to buy for a test drive... No harm in that, right?  Riiiiiiiiiiiight!

Now it appears that all I do is look for sailboats for sale, read sailing related books, look for sailing related gear for sale... read sailing blogs... and so on...

   I have generated quite a list of possible boats.  after doing a lot of thinking about it, I am looking for a boat with the following characteristics

  • 30 to 32 feet
  • Set up for single-handing is a bonus
  • A furler
  • a Heater is a bonus
  • Dodger
  • A dinghy is a bonus
  • Autopilot and GPS is a bonus
  • under $20,000, less than that if I have to buy a dinghy or do serious repair work on it.
My thinking is that I want a boat that I can easily Singlehand, because, well, I am single, but large enough that I can take friends and family on for a weekend Sail without feeling TOOO cramped.  (I mean, it's a boat... you are GONNA be cramped.  I can't afford one in which you wouldn't.

If you have any advice for me.... I would love to hear it. I am all ears... well, eyes, in this case....


  1. Good luck on finding your perfect boat.

    Yes, owning a sailboat is illogical, impractical, immoral and fattening. But we spend so much of our lives being logical and practical that some balance is needed. A sailboat gives a kind of freedom from your rational, practical self and that freedom is exciting.

    All things in moderation; including moderation.

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