Quick and Cheap Chart Organization

 When I redesigned the Navigation Station it reduced the storage available under the desktop.  Now I found that the Items I kept under there before just didn't fit now.  Besides, I always hated lifting the desktop to rummage around and find the chart I wanted.  I needed a way to keep my charts outside of the desk, easily accessible, but not in the way.

Enter Office Depot.  They had these wall pockets (a set of 3) on sale for less that $20, and I figured they would fill the bill.  I mean, the Nav station is my office in the boat... right?

These are REALLY easy to install.... first, figure out where you want it to hang...

Mark and drill the 2 holes needed, then take some stainless steel screws the right length and screw them in, until they are about 1/8 inch out.

After hanging the first set, I found that they rattled a bit, because the bottoms are not screwed in.  No problem though.  I just use my favorite all purpose stuff for the boat... Butyl Tape!

Just cut off a couple of small strips and adhere them to the bottom of the wall pockets.

then hang them by putting the screw heads through the keyhole slots, then push down to lock in, then tighten the screws until snug (DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN-- you will crack the plastic), push the bottom against the cabinet to seat the Butyl tape, then you are ready to put your stuff in it!

I put 2 of the 3 that came with this on the left side of the Nav station, and I put the last one on the right.  So far I am loving having all of my charts and notebooks within arms reach, and not having to root around under the desktop!  now, if I can just find a place for all these tools!  LOL...

Till next time!



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