Getting Aquainted, Part1

So I have a new (to me) Boat!  I bought it on Friday afternoon, so it is only fitting that ignore everything else going on in my life right now, and spend this first weekend getting to know her.  I would have gone down Friday night, but it was cold, rainy and miserable, and by the time I closed the sale, and got home it was already 6 pm.  So better to get some rest and be ready to spend the next two days on her.

Ready to roll to the boat with my
necessary consumables, and stuff.
And of course, this requires caffiene
as well!
I had to go to the Gym and work out first.  this way I feel less guilty consuming what I knew would be consumed later on.  I got Back from the Gym, got a quick shower, dressed in layers, (because it is supposed to be cold, rainy and Windy... gotta love Washington Weather), a made a quick stop at Safeway to stock up on some necessary consumables, and it was on my way to Gig Harbor.

This is Becky, looking a bit Blue... Literally!

Dave and Becky's Catalina
One of the first things I did when I got there was made a couple of new friends.  Dave and Becky were working on their gorgeous 32 foot Catalina Named "Tranquility".  I talked to them for a while and found out that they were really from Port Orchard.  They had to come all the way to gig harbor in order to do the work on the boat themselves.  All they were doing was putting a bottom coat on.  it must have been that the Marinas all wanted the work themselves...  Becky reminded me a bit of a smurf, as she had blue all over her as a resulting of sanding between bottom coats. they were really nice people, but I had to move on.

I got to my boat and went inside.  The feeling I got was pretty much the same feeling I had as a kid after building a "fort" treehouse... it was my secondary digs. It was also like having Christmas in April.  I didn't know where to begin.  So I just started rummaging around. 

There's a Bud in the Hatch!

Before I knew it was early afternoon and my brother in law was calling me.  I had talked him into coming down to the boat, well Bribed him actually, well actually it didn't take much bribing... he loves boats. I picked up some beer along the way…  Remember the necessary consumables at Safeway?

First Beer and Toast with best bud!
New boat equals first toast.  First toast equals first beer on boat.  First beer on boat Needs best bud.  Best bud equals brother in law.  Quite simple actually.  We started going through all of this stuff, and I actually got a bit overwhelmed.  So we just sat down, drank our beer, and talked Guy stuff for quite some time.  I was really enjoying just hanging out! 

Sharon, and her impressive hair do on
entering the boat.
Then my Sister showed up after finishing her rehearsals for "Steel Magnolias", which opens this coming Friday at the Paradise Theatre, which she says is going to be "Kick Ass".  So it was natural that she join us for a beer as well!

Then she HAD to go all around the boat taking "Artsy" pictures... so here are a bunch of them. click on any picture to make it bigger....

Goodbye For Sale sign!

The Galley... Obviously! Sharon is in this picture... in the teapot! LOL...
I have to admit... this one is pretty good!

A surprisingly comfortable spot... on the boom!


her Port Hole picture...
The view out of the forward hatch, over the V-Birth
The View out of the Main Hatch

My Mast.... obviously!

After had consumed all the beer, Sharon and Lynn left, and so did I shortly thereafter... around 8pm... but I would have the WHOLE day to spend on the boat on Sunday... where I had many more adventures, and took a bunch of pics of the "Haul" or the stuff that came with the boat... I even took a video while cruising Gig Harbor in my Dinghy...

Stay Tuned... More to come!



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